Newsletter: February, 2022


A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Community Members and Supporters of New Hope Midcoast,

New Hope Midcoast is ready for a year filled with opportunities. We want to start by thanking our communities for the support we regularly receive. This includes our most recent, ongoing Annual Appeal. New Hope Midcoast’s generous community of donors exceeded fundraising goals. Thanks to these individuals, we can offer more survivors the support they need on their path to safety and self-sufficiency.

This year will be one of continued growth as we look closely at our work in an effort to be even more responsive to each survivor’s unique circumstances. We invite everyone to become a part of the movement to end domestic abuse, dating violence and stalking. While we always appreciate monetary donations, you can contribute to our work in a variety of ways including hosting a fundraiser, or volunteering on our helpline (training required) or at a single event ( Perhaps you or someone you know might be  interested in joining our dedicated team. We invite you to look at our current employment opportunities at

Here at New Hope Midcoast, we know that when we assist individual survivors, we help families. When we help families, we strengthen our workplaces and our communities. Thank you, our wonderful community members, for your continued support!

With gratitude,

Rebekah Paredes


Collecting Clothing Donations 

We are now accepting quality new and gently used adult and children's clothing and accessories for our 2022 Pop Up Shop for Hope.

If you have items you would like to donate, please contact or (207) 691.5969. No rips, stains, fading or used undergarments, please.

Be Part of the Discussion!
Join us later this spring for our first Discussion Project with the Maine Humanities Council. Discussion projects are meant to convene community members in rich discussions about texts. New Hope Midcoast’s discussion will be grounded in the book, Hunger, by Roxanne Gay. The Maine Humanities Council and New Hope Midcoast staff will facilitate the discussion that will occur via Zoom. Copies of Hunger will be available for all participants.
To indicate your interest, contact or call (207) 691.5969.

Corporate Partners

We thank our Corporate Partners:

Allen Insurance and Financial, Ballou and Associates, Bangor Savings Bank, Camden Dermatology, Camden Law, Cates Real Estate, CedarWorks, Dead River Company, Eastern Tire & Auto Service Inc., Edward Jones: Ken Gardiner, Camden National Bank, First National Bank, Gemini Marine Canvas, Grasshopper Shop of Rockland, Horch Roofing, Renys, Rockland Savings and Loan, Rockport Steel, The Sunshine Lady Foundation, and 2A architects, llc.


Success Story

When my daughter began to consider leaving a difficult and dangerous domestic situation, she turned to New Hope Midcoast and received the level of care that I wish for everyone.

At first, staff simply listened, answered questions, gently asked a few of their own, then supplied information, and allowed her the time she needed to make her own decision. Never once did anyone at New Hope advise or even nudge her to choose one way or the other. I say “simply,” but there is nothing simple about a process that helps a young mother in crisis turn a whirl of conflicting emotion, self-doubt, and danger into a safe plan of carefully-considered and supported action. There is nothing simple about helping someone find or recover their strength. New Hope stayed in close contact, never failing to be patient, compassionate, and professional. They listened closely to my concerns as well, kept me in the loop when appropriate, and all the while kept their focus on my daughter. Her ultimate decision was valued and respected. I am sure it would have been, whether she chose to leave her partner or to stay.

This extraordinary care did not stop when the immediate crisis was resolved. My daughter remains very generously supported, deeply connected, and warmly welcomed at New Hope. She is filled with gratitude as am I, our friends and our entire family. I have no doubt that the New Hope team provides similar, outstanding service to everyone they serve. I will never be able to thank them enough. My daughter has lots of challenges ahead, but she now has a hope-filled life and carries joy and love in her heart once again.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, an opportunity to learn more about this issue and to educate our youth about dating violence and relationships based on safety and respect rather than power and control. One in eleven females and approximately one in fourteen males experienced physical dating violence in the last year (Center for Disease Control, Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the National Intimate partner and Sexual Violence Survey). Forty-one percent of victims of sexual violence, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner experienced this, or other forms of abuse, before the age of 18. Minority groups were disproportionately affected.

In a recent, large study, 6.9% of homicides for ages 11-18 were due to intimate partner violence. This rose to 15.2 percent for ages 19-24. Of the 11-18 year-olds, 90% of the victims were girls. The average age was 16.8 years. Most perpetrators were 18 years or older and an average of 3.9 years older than their victim. Nearly 63% of the abusers were intimate partners with the victim. Almost 27% were former intimate partners.

Among the important takeaways from this study is the significant rise in homicides during separation or when there is a threat of separation. More than one quarter of the homicides in the study were motivated by “a broken or desired relationship or jealousy.” Survivors who chose to leave their relationships need significant support during this “particularly high-risk period.” (Domestic Violence Report, Feb/March, 2022)


How Can You Help New Hope Midcoast?

  • Donate new or gently used quality adult and children's clothing to our upcoming Pop Up Shop for Hope. Email or call (207) 691.5969.
  • Purchase There’s Grounds for Hope coffee at Rock City Coffee Roasters or Rock City Café. New Hope Midcoast receives 10%.
  • Enjoy a two-night stay at the Lord Camden Inn fireplace rooms or suites at half price when you write a check to New Hope Midcoast for a minimum of $35 per night at registration.
  • Become a volunteer!
    Visit for different ways to volunteer and to apply.
  • Join our dedicated team!
    Visit for a current list of openings.
  • Give to our Annual Appeal at P.O. Box A, Rockland, ME 04841 or by clicking here.
Common Justifications for Abusive Behavior
“The abuser had a bad childhood”
Many individuals we work with that grow up experiencing abuse promise themselves that they will treat their partners with respect, kindness, and equality when they grow up. With adequate supports, countless survivors are resilient enough to follow through on their promise throughout their life. Many of these individuals, in fact, end up pursuing helping professions to assist others through challenges like the ones they survived. Our experiences certainly shape our belief systems and therefore our behavior, but abuse is socially constructed and individually chosen. We need to hold perpetrators of abuse and violence accountable appropriately for their actions regardless of their past experiences. (The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence; Comprehensive Advocacy, Intervention, Response and Ethics Training)