Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions and answers often asked to our staff. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.


Where is New Hope Midcoast located?
Our main location is at 5 Beech Street, Rockland, Maine. We also have offices in Bath, Damariscotta and Belfast.
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What geographical region do you serve?
We serve Maine’s Midcoast including Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox and Waldo Counties.

Are you a nonprofit?
Yes, New Hope Midcoast is a 501c3 since 1981.

What services do you provide?
New Hope Midcoast provides support, advocacy, prevention and education services for individuals affected by domestic abuse, dating violence and stalking. Advocacy services include our 24/7 helpline, hospital accompaniment, partnerships with Child Protective Services at the Department of Health and Human Services, group healing, legal services, emergency sheltering, transitional housing, community presentations, education for students and personnel in area schools and trainings for mental health professionals, organizations and others. Services provided are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please find more specific information in each section of this website.

Who can call your helpline and how do I reach it?
Our 24/7 helpline is available round-the-clock for individuals in crisis, concerned others, professionals, and anyone with needs regarding domestic abuse, dating violence and stalking. The helpline number is 1.800.522.3304.

What ages do you serve?
We serve all ages.

Do you serve those who identify as male?
Yes. New Hope Midcoast is here for all individuals in need regardless of identity.

Are you a shelter?
We are one of nine domestic abuse resource centers in Maine. Some of these centers have shelters. New Hope Midcoast does not have a shelter. However, we provide sheltering in other ways. Learn more.

Do you provide sheltering? What are the options and where are the shelters located?
Our agency has several short and long-term housing options. We use local resources to safely shelter those who choose to leave their circumstances. Learn more.

What legal services do you provide?
Our advocates can assist with completing Protection from Abuse Orders. They also accompany clients to court when the client requests this. We partner with Pine Tree Legal Assistance for those in need of legal representation. Learn more.

How can I contribute to your organization?
There are several ways to contribute to our work. We welcome monetary donations, including one-time and monthly payments, donation of stock, and long-term estate planning. We also welcome volunteers for fundraisers, staffing our 24/7 helpline (requires training), providing emergency sheltering, consigning items at one of our partner consignment shops and donating the proceeds to us, and more. Please visit our “Take Action” pages to see what fits best for you.

Does New Hope Midcoast accept donations of stock and allow for estate planning? Can my donation be a tribute to someone?
New Hope Midcoast welcomes donations of stock and is pleased to accept donations in a tribute to specific individuals. We are also happy to send a letter of receipt to the person or family in whose honor the donation is made. We are always grateful for those who choose to name our agency in their financial planning. Estate planning is best done in consultation with your financial advisor. We will provide you with any information you may require. Learn more.

Do you accept donations of clothing, bedding and housewares?
We do accept all of these items from time to time. We ask that you please contact us before dropping off items.

Where do you get funding for your work?
We receive funding from state and federal resources, from individuals, and through events hosted throughout the year. Please see more on out Financial Information page.

Should I just leave my abuser?
This is a complex question that requires thoughtful safety planning. We encourage you to contact our helpline to speak with an advocate. Our advocates can help you make the decision that is right for you and your situation.

What happens when I call the helpline?
Making that first call can be difficult for some people, but we promise that you will receive respectful, professional, nonjudgmental attention from one of our trained advocates. You can share as much or as little as you want. Advocates will ask questions to help us determine how we can best support you. Answers to questions will be kept confidential except where there are concerns with abuse of children or dependent adults, or concerns that you may hurt yourself (see information about mandated reporting). Our advocates are trained to ask open-ended questions that will keep the conversation flowing.

If you reach our answering service, you will be asked to share your name and a safe phone number for someone to call you back. You do not have to give your real name but we will need a phone number to return the call. If it is not safe to get a call back, please state this and you will either be connected directly to an advocate or receive a return call within 15 minutes. When you get a call back from our agency, it will be from a blocked number. If you are unable to receive calls from a blocked number, please let the operator know.

Are New Hope Midcoast advocates mandated reporters? If so, what does that mean?
Yes, all of the staff and volunteers at NHM are mandated reporters. If someone shares with us that a child has either been a victim-survivor of violence, witnessed violence, or has been put in physical danger, we are obligated to report this to Child Protective Services at the Department of Health and Human Services. Advocates will tell the caller that a report will be made before making it, and can review with the advocate what the process might look like. We are also mandated reporters to Adult Protective Services when we have reason to believe an incapacitated or dependent adult is being abused or neglected, for instance when an adult has a physical or mental condition that substantially impairs their ability to adequately provide for their own daily needs. The staff on our helpline are glad to explain further. Learn more.

New Hope Midcoast Locations

We offer 3 onsite locations serving Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, and Waldo counties in Maine.

New Hope Midcoast
P.O. Box A, Rockland, Maine 04841


24/7 Helpline Midcoast Maine 1-800-522-3304

24/7 Statewide Helpline