Technology & Abuse

The use of technology in abuse and stalking is a growing trend. We understand the need to balance staying connected with others with the challenge of avoiding the potential misuses.

Woman's hand on mouse at computer photo by Kristin Hardwick

Understanding the Risk

Technology can be a powerful tool. Phones and computers allow survivors to gather important information, connect with supports and reach out for help. Unfortunately, abusive people often misuse technology as a tool to control or harass survivors. Phones, tablets, computers, and social networking websites can be used to create a sense that the person abusing them is always present. They can be used to isolate, punish, and humiliate survivors. Survivors report that the people abusing them monitor and track them, expose their private information and set up fake profiles on social media. Some survivors choose—or are forced—to avoid using technology such as cell phones.

But it may not be realistic or desirable for survivors to limit or discontinue using technology. We understand these challenges and the need to balance staying connected with others while also being aware of potential misuses. Advocates are available to talk with survivors about how to make a plan for safety that considers the pros and cons of technology.

For additional information on technology and abuse, visit our resource page.

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