Emergency Shelter

New Hope Midcoast provides emergency shelter services for survivors. If you are seeking safety from an abuser, we can help. We work with victim-survivors of domestic abuse, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking. We can help you find support, financial assistance and assist with filling out housing application paperwork.


We know that every person’s situation and experience is different. Our advocates help victim-survivors figure out what will work best for them. For more information about our emergency shelter services, please call our 24/7 helpline:

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Safe Homes

New Hope Midcoast provides confidential safe homes for those who need emergency sheltering. The volunteers at these homes provide a supportive atmosphere and meals. The average stay is about three nights. Safe homes volunteers are not professional advocates, but they are trained to treat you with care and understanding.

Transitional Housing

Below is information on New Hope Midcoast’s transitional housing program. If you would like to talk to someone about this program, please contact our Transitional Housing Advocate at 207-594-2128. We would be glad to explain the details to you and walk you through the application process.

New Hope Midcoast recognizes that access to safe and affordable housing is one of the primary barriers in domestic abuse situations. Transitional housing units provide stays for approximately two years. Victim-survivors and families work with case managers to achieve goals for long-term safety and stability.

Applicants to New Hope Midcoast’s Transitional Housing Program must:

  • Be homeless or at risk of homelessness as a result of domestic abuse
  • Be beyond the initial crisis stage of the domestic abuse and not in immediate danger
  • Be eligible for low income housing assistance
  • Meet Maine State Housing Authority requirements including passing a background check
  • Abstain from illegal drug use
  • Be prepared and motivated to become self-sufficient

Expectations of all individuals who reside in transitional housing:

Commitment to services

  • Residents must maintain close contact with New Hope Midcoast advocates and may choose to use our support groups, legal advocacy, and individual advocacy services.


  • The housing location is confidential. Residents must protect themselves, their families, neighbors, and future residents by using discretion when disclosing the address.
  • Consider obtaining a post office box through the address confidentiality program.
  • Abusers from whom residents are fleeing are not allowed on the property and should not be informed of the housing location. Abusers on the property are considered trespassers and are subject to arrest. For safety, residents whose abusers discover their location may be asked to leave.

New Hope Midcoast does not own the transitional housing units. To ensure the safety of all residents and for property upkeep, we kindly request the following of all residents:

  • Report concerns with appliances and structural issues to the landlord/ property manager promptly. Residents are responsible for repair costs.
  • Work with residents who share the same yard to keep it clean and safe.
  • Keep living spaces clean, safe, and in good condition.
  • Develop family safety plans.
  • Smoke outside and at least 500 feet away from the units.
  • Refrain from possession – or use - of weapons or illegal drugs.
  • Refrain from verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.

Failure to abide by these rules or to comply with the terms of the lease may result in eviction.


If you are interested in our transitional housing program, please call our helpline (1-800-522-3304) to learn more or to request an application.

Support Overview

We recognize that victim-survivors need support as they move through their journey.
New Hope Midcoast offers the following assistance:

24/7 Helpline

For victim-survivors, concerned others and professionals

Hospital Accompaniment

Learn about expert care from trained and dedicated professionals.

Group Healing

We offer a variety of support groups to help individuals heal

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Protecting Children

NHM has a specialized advocate embedded at Child Protective Services, a facet of the Department of Health and Human Services.

New Hope Midcoast Locations

We offer 4 onsite locations serving Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox, and Waldo counties in Maine.

New Hope Midcoast
P.O. Box A, Rockland, Maine 04841


24/7 Helpline Midcoast Maine 1-800-522-3304

24/7 Statewide Helpline